How do we serve you to build Courage, Top-floor Views and Servant Leadership?  We use a mix of Workshops, Retreats, Coaching, White papers, short courses and general consultation (also referred to as Thought partnering) to give you the tools and skills you need to follow Jesus’ leadership example.  

All of our work is customized for your diocese or parish. We can combine your vision with our skills and talents to move forward on the work the Lord is asking of you. 

Below are examples of how we approach skill building.


  • Workshop on the steps in vision casting.
  • Coaching to help you apply the steps of vision casting to your organization.
  • Coaching throughout the on-going process
  • Retreats on developing the gift of noticing and self awareness; owning your emotions.
  • Workshops on understanding the gift of noticing and understanding emotional intelligence skills.
  • Coaching on daily mindfulness .
  • Workshops on developing the ability to tell compelling stories, salvation history and memory, understanding level one of emotional intelligence.
  • Coaching on other knowledge streams you can benefit from.
  • White paper on understanding memory and its relationship to courage.

Top-Floor View

  • Workshops on identifying dominant cultural assumptions and ecclesial assumptions; reading the signs of the times; identifying others’ emotions.
  • Coaching on naming personal values and behaviors, freedom from self deception through feedback
  • Retreats on applying participant observer research methods to gathering diocesan/parish observational data.
  • White paper on participant-observer research methods.
  • Retreats on leading with emotional courage
  • Coaching on humility’s place in leadership and continuous learning on inclusion, diversity and equity
  • Consultation for a communication analysis – how clear is your organization’s communication.

Servant Leadership

  • Workshops on building intimacy with Jesus, creating white-space / mindfulness, the gift of noticing and developing Sabbath practices.
  • Workshops on diversity, inclusion and equity in the ecclesial environment; understanding cultural competence, understanding inclusion and its related skills.  What it takes from a leader to foster commitment (vocation). Writing and delivering your own personal witness story.
  • Series of workshops to understand equity through the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching, leading toward equity in the workplace.
  • Working retreats on honing co-active leadership skills for the ecclesial climate.
  • Retreats on trusting the Holy Spirit as an ecclesial leader.
  • Consultation on truth telling by assessing equity within the parish/diocese.
  • Workshops on understanding engagement within the ecclesial climate.  Introduction to difficult conversations, understanding the elements of organizational change.
  • Coaching on listening.
  • White paper on how to develop coaching/mentoring to foster engagement.
  • Short courses on developing compassion and skills for the compassionate leader.