About Us

“But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant.” 
Mark 10:43


From five consultants to two…from adult faith formation to leadership…from then to now.  In 2005 God called together five women who had been or were serving the Church.  We shared scripture, we learned of one another’s gifts and together we heard God begin to call forth what would become ConSpirita Consulting Network.

From the vocation to serve individual parishes, to a corporation serving parishes and dioceses, we are hearing a new call now…the call to leadership development.

God is calling us to combine our education, experience and charisms to equip the Church to face her crises with grace, intellectual prowess and skill. 


From an innocuous phone call offering to volunteer in a parish, the Lord has moved me from position to position and place to place, always serving the Church.  From my log home atop a knoll in Falling Waters, WV, I now know the Lord is calling for leaders equipped with the concepts and skills required to do the tough work so necessary in this time.  I am educated and skilled to do just that, after 24 years of serving the Church and 15 years as a business owner/consultant.

Deborah Stollery

I know a God of surprises, a God that interrupts one life and calls to another.  From simply agreeing to be a sponsor, to directing RCIA, to becoming a Spiritual Director and a co-owner of this business, all while working full-time in the health care industry, God has been calling and preparing me for this very time.  Retired now from health care, I bring my passion for healing, my penchant for technology and my experience of leadership gone awry to our Church, in need of wisdom, counsel and right judgment.

Dana Hlusko

In Memoriam

Margie Sullivan
July 28, 1945 – March 25, 2012
A founding member of ConSpirita, she entered into eternal life after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.  Her spirit still lives on in our work.

Margie Sullivan