Dana Hlusko

Superhuman or Spirit Gifted Grace?

In the preface to Osheta Moore’s book, Dear White Peacemakers, she relates a story about the high school coach calling her biracial son the N word in school.  Other high schoolers heard him say it so there was plenty of evidence that he’d done it.  Osheta was angry beyond angry, and hurt.  She determined that …

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Leadership and Race

Recently,  4/25/21, US Senator Lindsay Graham, R, S.C. declared that, in his opinion, there is no systemic racism in America.  “America is not a racist country,” he said.  (i)  Well, the existence of racist laws as pointed out in last week’s blog, Malevolent Laws , proves, beyond my doubt that systemic racist is alive and well …

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Malevolent Laws

In my latest JustFaith session, we learned how legislation had been (and still is being) used to continue to oppress people of color.  The following is legislation that took from former slaves and their descendants any type of advancement they may have obtained.  I will highlight a few. Andrew Johnson’s Land Policies and Sharecropping  (1865-1880).  …

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The New Testament and Racism

Last week’s blog looked at what the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) offers Christians considering racism in America. This week, I am daring to move into the Christian Scriptures to see some of what both Jesus and St. Paul have to offer my ongoing journey.  Remember, this is a look at love as Jesus defined it, …

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