Equipping the Saints


As I write this, it’s just under a month until the first phase of the Church’s Synod on the process of synodality is to begin.  Dioceses and parishes around the world should be letting the

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What is a Synod?

Our Church is about to embark on something ancient.  However, it will feel “new” to many of us. It begins on 10/9-10, 2021 in Rome and on 10/17/2021 for the universal Church.  What is it? 

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Reparations – Are You Kidding?

“Two hundred fifty years of slavery.  Ninety years of Jim Crow.  Sixty years of separate but equal.  Thirty-five years of racist housing policy. “(1)  And still happening today:  mass incarceration, voter suppression, violations of Black

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Fostering Creativity and Innovation

If you’ve been following our latest set of blogs, you’ll know that we are handing on some ideas from the Global Leadership Summit that we find “sticky”:  that is important to move the work of

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The Church, Leaders and Mental Health

You might wonder what mental health has to do with leadership skills.  Well, mental health affects performance, and that’s what a leader is always looking to improve in his/her staff.  It not only affects the

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