Equipping the Saints

Paradosis from the GLS #2

Managing Continuity and Change Ever hear of AR Bernard?  I hadn’t before the Global Leadership Summit, but then that’s one of the beauties of this event for me:  I get introduced to thought leaders from

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Superhuman or Spirit Gifted Grace?

In the preface to Osheta Moore’s book, Dear White Peacemakers, she relates a story about the high school coach calling her biracial son the N word in school.  Other high schoolers heard him say it

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I Cry in Every Chapter I’ve Read so Far

Reflections on Dear White Peacemakers: Dismantling Racism with Grit and Grace by Osheta Moore Like many of you, I’ve begun the work to become increasingly anti-racist.  I’d love to believe I can become fully so,

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Masterfully Woven Virtual Gatherings

Inspired by the Art of Gathering by Priya Parker It’s happening all around us now, and maybe even with us and to us.  What?  Re-entry.  Re-gathering.  Maybe gathering for the first time.  And also, a

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Considerations about Re-entry

Last week I met a friend for lunch.  It was a perfectly pre-pandemic “normal” activity for the two of us.  We agreed to meet at a mutually favorite spot, with great Mediterranean fare (Oooh, I

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