Jesus: Architect and Master Builder

    We call Jesus the “stone which the builders rejected.” (1)  I can’t speak for all the ages, but I can speak for this one when I say that it seems this is particularly true in this moment in the Roman Catholic Church’s history.  Too little Jesus. Maybe no Jesus at all. The Cornerstone upon which all of this sits has been rejected, neglected, for who could say that Jesus was part of any conversation that was about harming the little ones, about abusing sacred power, or about preserving an institution rather than saving souls?  Jesus has been rejected.

    But…divine  mercy is available.  Forgiveness is Jesus’ way.  Resurrection promises that Jesus is still alive, powerful and close at hand.  Jesus’s way can still be our way. Jesus can renew, refresh, restore and rebuild.  Just as he promised his resurrection three days after destruction(2), so he promises new life to his entombed Church.

   Here’s one way that can happen: to develop leaders (ordained and lay) who fully embrace Jesus’ vision for how his people would be set apart: in their ways of structuring themselves, in their ways of exercising power, in their ways of focusing vision and action, in their ways of dealing daily with one another.  Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” (3)  If leaders embrace Jesus’ way in systems and structures, in relationships and in mission…if leaders bow before Jesus as the Architect and Master Builder, then this Church will be what He envisioned.

    How does that happen?  There are several steps to this process of developing Jesus-centered leadership.  ConSpirita Consulting Network has created one approach that introduces three concepts and their related skills, concepts and skills that move Jesus-centered leadership from the intellectual to the practical.  What got us here: too little Jesus, too little leadership development…cannot get us there: to the Church as a shining example of what happens when Jesus’ Way, Truth and Life are actually applied, in this day and time.  Interested in welcoming Jesus as the Cornerstone, the Architect and Master Builder of your diocese, parish or Catholic organization? Check out our website: www.conspirita.com .  Join us as together we surrender to Jesus’ leadership approach and then learn what skills are needed today, to begin to lead as he did.

    What got us here cannot get us there…but Jesus is waiting to lead the Way.  Coming? We hope so. Jesus is counting on it!

(1) Psalm 118:22
(2) John 2:19
(3) John 14:6


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