Masterfully Woven Virtual Gatherings

Inspired by the Art of Gathering by Priya Parker It’s happening all around us now, and maybe even with us and to us.  What?  Re-entry.  Re-gathering.  Maybe gathering for the first time.  And also, a precipitous drop, for at least some of us, in Zoom gatherings.  But this does not spell the end of the …

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Considerations about Re-entry

Last week I met a friend for lunch.  It was a perfectly pre-pandemic “normal” activity for the two of us.  We agreed to meet at a mutually favorite spot, with great Mediterranean fare (Oooh, I love falafel!) and no table service, so you can sit for a good long time and not deprive a server …

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Committing to a Clear Purpose for Your Gathering

The Second in a Series of Blogs When I first “met” Priya Parker, during a podcast interview with Dr. Brené Brown (and yes, I am still a serious Brené groupie),  she said something that may stick with me forever:  the type of gathering is not its purpose.  A staff meeting is not the purpose of …

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Thinking Deliberately About Gathering

Inspired by Priya Parker’s work, The Art of Gathering It’s starting to happen…meetings in person, happy hours, birthday parties, committees, councils, church!  As we emerge from the enforced isolation that characterized our pandemic response so many of us are eager to gather.  Now seems a most appropriate time, maybe even a once-in-one hundred years time, …

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