Reparations – Are You Kidding?

“Two hundred fifty years of slavery.  Ninety years of Jim Crow.  Sixty years of separate but equal.  Thirty-five years of racist housing policy. “(1)  And still happening today:  mass incarceration, voter suppression, violations of Black bodies, especially prevalent in discriminatory health care practices and police brutality.  And yet, when reparations are mentioned, that is the …

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Superhuman or Spirit Gifted Grace?

In the preface to Osheta Moore’s book, Dear White Peacemakers, she relates a story about the high school coach calling her biracial son the N word in school.  Other high schoolers heard him say it so there was plenty of evidence that he’d done it.  Osheta was angry beyond angry, and hurt.  She determined that …

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Mercy, Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Racism

Inspired by Dear White Peacemakers and Hidden Brain Podcasts on Forgiveness and Mercy Have you had that experience where an idea that surfaces in one place appears in a wholly unrelated place just a little bit later?  I use that as a guide that the Holy Spirit is trying to tell me or teach me.  …

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