We’ve Got it All Wrong

Dana Hlusko

I just watched a webinar talking about the 3 pitfalls that cause a project to fail. It was from Peter Block of Designed Learning www.peterblock.com

It wasn’t what I was expecting. He didn’t talk about team structures, upper level executive failures or anything you might learn in business school. No. He talked about relationships.

Now, there were 2 other things that cause problems in a project. They are “Rushing the contract” or just speeding a project along an arbitrary timeline to get to the end and trying to overcome resistance instead of trying to understand what’s behind it.

But what was really interesting was his take on relationship building.

A positive relationship is one that reduces helplessness and isolation. Feelings of helplessness and isolation produce resistance. Interestingly enough he says our patriarchal society breeds helplessness, and we can see how that has played out in our Church. The laity feel disempowered because of the structure of the Church. But without the laity, the Church doesn’t exist. So how do we get our power back?

Formed leadership for the laity is a good first step. Since most of the personnel running the Church are women, leadership development for women is needed. There are volumes and volumes of leadership books out there. We are going to try and help women in leadership positions within the Church learn the skills of leadership by offering learning modules in the near future.

The kind of leadership matters also. The “control and dominate” leadership model is not working. A servant leadership model will increase satisfaction and productivity in the followers.

Servant leadership is one of relationships. If having a positive relationship contributes to a project success, and Jesus was an expert in relationships, shouldn’t we follow His lead? After all, we DO say we follow Him.

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