Now is the acceptable time!   Build the church Jesus imagines!  We’re here to serve you as you inspire, inform and guide God’s people. 
ConSpirita means “with the Spirit.”  Let us help you work with the Spirit to become what God intends for you to be.

Contacts:  deborah.stollery@gmail.com, 757.470.9636


Our Church is hurting over this last round of revelations of the sexual abuse perpetrated by holy men and covered up by Bishops. Grief, healing and movement to prevent this from ever happening again are needed for the entire Body of Christ.

ConSpirita Consulting Network LLC is prepared to participate in the healing of souls necessary in this time within our Church.
We are prepared to offer leadership development in the areas of shepherding souls through these dark times by providing processes and skills useful for both clergy and lay leaders. These include processes to walk through the wilderness, and rise anew and skills like those involved in having difficult conversations. We are prepared to offer a safe place to talk through situations, listening and then responding from our experience with leadership, group dynamics and discernment. We are prepared to help you design and develop prayer services of lament, of penitence, and of hope. And we are open to partnering with you to discover the creative and courageous work this time needs.

Cooperating with the Spirit…using our charisms and skills…helping God’s Kingdom come

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